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Forgotten Strawberries Auto

Forgotten Strawberries Auto

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Forgotten Strawberries Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Brought to you by Mephisto Genetics.

Forgotten Strawberries Auto is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid strain that resulted from crossing Strawberry Nuggets with another variety known as Fugue State. Forgotten Strawberries Auto is an F3 strain that exhibits some variation in phenos. Most plants are quite short and squat with the occasional plant displaying slightly more sativa characteristics as the Fugue State genetics exert their influence. A truly mouthwatering hybrid with heavily-frosted buds.

The average height of these plants is between 60 - 80 cm. while the life-cycle extends to 70 - 80 days from germination through to harvest. Yields are likely to be between 80 - 100 gr/plant and the mature buds are dense and very resinous. Both scents and flavours are fruity with citrus and powerful, virtually artifical, strawberry fruit and this strain has been described as being like a dank, fruity smoothie.

The effect begins with a potent cerebral quality that evolves into much more relaxed, mellow, physical sensations. A great strtain for enhancing moods and to sharpen the appetite.

BREEDER Mephisto Genetics
GENETICS Strawberry Nuggets x Fugue State
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Feminised
YIELD 80 – 100 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT 60 – 80 cm.
GROWS Greenhouse, Grows indoors
FLOWERING TIME 10 – 12 weeks from seed
TASTE / FLAVOUR Fruity | Citrus | Strawberry
EFFECT Cerebral | Relaxing | Mellow | Hungry

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