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Tutankhamun Auto

Tutankhamun Auto

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Tutankhamun Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Brought to you by Pyramid Seeds.

5+2 Pack that's right get 7 seeds for the price of 5!

The autoflowering version of Tutankhamon is still easy to grow, just like its photoperiod variant. It stands out for having high percentages of Cannabinoids that, although somewhat lower than the photodependent variant, are undoubtedly very high for an automatic.


During its final stages, after more than 50 days, you will see that Auto Tutankhamon develops huge buds full of resin. Indoors you can harvest up to 450gr/m2 , while outdoors you can get between 50-200g. 

Aromas and Flavors

The flavor of Auto Tutankhamun is reminiscent of  fresh fruit with a sweet character, although with certain spicy touches. Regarding its aroma, Auto Tutankhamun gives off a very pleasant citrus smell similar to that of an orange blossom.


Auto Tutankhamun has relaxing effects on a physical level, although soft, while on a cerebral level it is a stimulant that helps meditation.


Growing Auto Tutankhamun is relatively easy , making it ideal for novice growers without much experience. Throughout its growth, the plant can normally exceed 70 cm in height, although it will never exceed 110 cm.

Type; autoflowering
Genetics: AK-47
Approximate height indoors: 50 -110cm
Approximate height outdoors: 50 -110cm
Scent: Citric
Flavor: Spicy fresh fruit
Medicinal: No
physical effects: relaxing smooth
psychic effects: Prolonged stimulation, Meditation
inner weight;450 gr/m2
outer weight: 50 - 200g
Cannabinoid Percentages: CBD less than 1% THC 17%
indoor flowering: 75 days

All Seeds are sold under Novelty and Souvenir purposes only, Germination of seeds is at one's own risk.

Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge supports responsible and legal use, we do not condone any illegal activities. We trust that you as the customer will adhere to the laws of your country.

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